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What is Orange Lamp Software Solutions?

Orange Lamp Software Solutions was founded in late 2003 and is owned and managed by Roger Kulläng

The main company idea is to deliver quick software solutions for other companies in need of development expertise, as well as own development on the side - for the fun of it. KillProcess is such an application, originally a command line script that evolved into a fully fledged Task Manager application over time.

TimeStamp is another of these creations, that I wrote for my own convienience, but as people saw the application it started to spread.

Orange Lamp Software Solutions is a member of the Organization of Independant Software Vendors
OISV - Organization of Independant Software Vendors - Charter Member

Why the Orange Lamp?

Ok, this one is a little tricky. Naturally I had my reasons, and these where some of them:

  • I wanted a name that was really, really unique - the last thing I want is to receive a lawsuit for copycatting of another company name.
  • I also wanted the name of the company to be totally disconnected to the software that it develops. A good reason for this to be able to develop any kind of software or take any software consultant role with ease.
  • The name should also be a little funny and stupid - people tend to remember stupid names, compare to "Whole Tomato Software" or "One Guy Coding"

The name Orange Lamp was the result out of an brainstorming session I had with a few friends at my parents house during my Christmas semester in 2002 (there was quite a lot of pints of beer and glasses of whiskey involved in the "process" ;-).

My parents have this 70's orange light post that looks really awful - I used to really hate it! My friends suggested me to name my company after it, just because of that, and also because it would be possible without too much work to create a pretty cool logotype from it (these logotypes are still in production btw).

...So this was basically a "whiskey" decision - which is refreshingly original I would think :-)

Some Images of the horrific thing

Oh yes! Here it is!! Nice eh? Not really, but it will make some nice logotypes I think...I used to hate that lamp, but now my parent can never throw it away! Funny how things work out...


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