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Submit your Kill Lists to Orange Lamp Software Solutions!

Some of you nice and competent KillProcess users are a little more experienced with using KillProcess effectively than others. You have already created a nice combination of lists, which help you to make your life a little more easier, and the memory and CPU usage of your PC's a little less cluttered.

Wouldn't it however be wonderful if you also could share this wizdom with others, who are still struggling to find the light in the tunnel?
To help others, please upload your best lists, and we will make sure that they will be published on the download page for others to download. (after a review).You will of course be credited for your efforth, so that others can behold your wizdom and skill!

Submit your best lists!

Use the form below to upload your best kill lists to us.*

* Max size is 50kb. Files are reviewed and scanned for viruses or other malware before publishing

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